General Questions

Is the course suitable for beginners ? Yes, the course covers all abilities.

Do you accept groups of friends to the course ? Yes we do, and this is a great way to enjoy your art holiday.

Is the course suitable for children ? The course is aimed at adults of all ages, unfortunately we don’t have the right amount of support to be able to manage the extra care needed for children’s art.

Will I be insured ? We don’t provide insurance, so please do make your own insurance arrangements.

What will the weather be like ? See St Sebastien’s 15 day weather report AND Local town Argenton-Sur-Creuse Climate Averages

  • April, is very similar to UK weather except it is usually a couple of degrees C warmer.
  • May, is usually a nice warm month, with the odd cooler day, and can be windy or wet.
  • June, is usually very warm, but not too hot.
  • September, is usually very warm, and calm.
  • October, can be very warm, but there may be windy or wet days.

Accommodation and Food

Are there many stairs ? There are normal house stairs in the main house, and in the gite.

What other expenses will I have ? There will be some wine available to drink with your evening meal, but if you would like a drink before or afterwards, they will be extra. We have a small range of alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks.

Can I stay for an extra week ? Yes, if you would like to stay an extra week, either with art tuition or without, just let us know when you make your booking.

Can my friend who isn’t an artist, stay with me ? Yes, this is fine; the cost will be lower for a non-artist.

Is there plenty of parking space ? Yes, we have plenty of parking spaces.

Can I bring my dog with me ? We welcome well behaved dogs, but unfortunately we have no dog sitting service.

I have a special diet, will that be a problem ? Please let us know when you book, and we will do our best to ensure we can accommodate your needs.


What airport is nearest ? Limoges is nearest, and is the airport from which you will be collected, if you choose to fly to France.

What is the nearest train station ? Limoges, is the largest station, but there are train stations at St Sebastien, La Souterraine, Chateauroux and Argenton-Sur Creuse.

What British airports have flights to Limoges ? See Limoges Airport Site

  • Leeds Bradford
  • Nottingham
  • Manchester
  • Stanstead
  • Gatwick
  • Bristol
  • Southampton

Will I be picked-up at the Airport/Train Station ? We provide airport and station transfers i.e. Airport – Limoges or Local Train Stations – St. Sebastien, La Souterraine Chateauroux and Argenton-Sur Creuse.

When will I be able to book my flight ? This is important, as in order to make this a really pleasant and valuable experience for you, we need a minimum number of artists participating. We will endeavor to inform you, if you can book your flight straight away, or if it is safer to wait, when you make your booking.

Art Course

What art materials must I bring with me ? We would like you to bring with you your preferred art mediums e.g. paints, pencils, pens, erasers, pastels and palettes etc. however, it would be impractical for you to bring art papers. So we will have a range of art papers for purchase at cost price, for you to use whilst you are here. If you have any special requirements, let us know and we can order them for you.

What art expenses will I have ? We will have a range of art papers for you buy inexpensively, to use whilst you are here. If you have any special art requirements, let us know and we can order them for you.

Do you sell art materials ? Yes we will have a range of art papers for you to buy, and some basics as well, such as pencils, pens and watercolours, in case you are new to art and not sure what you will need.

What’s the maximum number of people in a group ? Our group will work best with a maximum of 4 artists.

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